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Car shows/Events

We have had a busy couple of weekends. Two car shows. One on May 12th and one on May 21st

I love being a vendor at car shows. The people you met are so fun and talkative. This year we haven’t had a chance to get our cars ready (mopars baby) to show, but my husbands helps me when he can. When I first set up at a car show (4 years ago) I was surprised that their stories weren’t just about cars. They LOVE their cars, don’t get me wrong, but when I first started I had made sure I had A LOT of car charms (they are classic charms now- no longer available) and ya know what? I didn’t sell no a one!

I have learned that just because you are a vendor at car show (or another event- mariachi event or a park opening -…….wherever) it’s not just about THAT event. It’s about PEOPLE. You have to make sure you have a little bit of everything because you never know what people are going to be attached to and want to create.

Usually car shows are on the weekend and when the weather is warm. Spring/summer and the occasional Fall/Winter show. Something is always happening in people’s life’s- birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation, births etc. – so you have to be prepared. Again , have a little bit of everything (if you can’t then make sure you have your catalogs, TOM’s (take out menu) and customer information slips to gather customer info).

It was just a fun filled couple of weekends! Here are some pictures from the past weekends.

Judges at car showLine of cars Line of cars Line of cars Some vendors My booth. See everything available at http://www.claralvlocket.origamiowl.comOne of my displays Wraps, bracelets and watches. See everything at http://www.claralvlocket.origamiowl.comHarry Potter for Origami Owl. See it all here http://www.claralvlocket.origamiowl.comMy vendor booth Me in front of my booth. See everything at

Hope you all have a great week!

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Harry Potter for Origami Owl

It’s almost here! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will make its debut for Origami Owl as an exclusive jewelry collection on May 16! I would love for you to join me and watch the entire collection reveal. Go RSVP right away here:

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Where are all my Potterheads?

TOMORROW is the reveal AND the release of the Harry Potter for Origami Owl collection!!

So far we have these three awesome charms! The golden snitch, Harry Potter, deathly hallows

Harry Potter, the golden snitch, deathly hallows


The complete collection will be available tomorrow evening! It will be easier then going to diagon alley!

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Sale on jewelry

Time for some spring cleaning! Origami Owl is offering incredible discounts on jewelry! Take a peek at our sale category and see which pieces help you complete your story or create special gifts! These items are only while supplies last!

Along with these awesome deals on the ‘inscription’ plates that go on these bracelet wraps (hint. You can even place them on your shoes through your laces!) there are so many accessories to go along with them as well as a ton of charms that you can chose from (if you already have a locket!)

You can create your own ‘inscription’ plate to show how much you:

  • Love your significant other
  • Love your kids/grandkids
  • Love YOUR team
  • Have a date in time you want to remember
  • Celebrate a graduation/Birthday/wedding/Anniversary
  • Show off your favorite bible verse
  • Show off your favorite quote

Really the possibilities are endless with what you can create AND they are on sale- while supplies last.

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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I just love to share 😉


Harry Potter

They’re here! Three, exclusive Harry Potter for Origami Owl Charms are here and you can get them NOW! We’ll have our full reveal of the entire collection on May 16, but this is a great way to start your Harry Potter Living Locket now.

Check them out here and come back to see the whole

Collection on May 16th! —->

Ughhhhh so excited to be able to share this with you all!!

Happy Creating, (muggle)

Clara ~.~

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