Mothers Day Origami Owl LivingLocket

Hello!! It’s Mothers Day and we ate to much!!!!
But I wanted to share!!

Here is a picture of the 4 of the 5 Mothers Day Origami Owl LivingLockets that were given to the Moms in my life.

My SSM (see post below) loves her bracelet!! It has us four kids’s birthstones-and then charms that represent each of us! My oldest sis- a cactus because she is living in AZ now, my bro- a swimmer because he is an avid swimmer, the middle sis- a gear because she is in love with ‘steam punk’, and me-a purse because I recently purchased my first (and only) designer purse.

My two sister-in-laws love their Origami Owl LivingLocket neckless’s! One loves gold, the other silver. Both have crosses and the ‘amor’ heart, gold sis-in-law has a coffee cup, because well she loves coffee, and the silver sis-in-law has a dolphin, which are her favorite!

My Aunt Judy loves her Origami Owl LivingLocket neckless. She is always in flip-flops and has a doggie named Teeko! Her children’s love is all wrapped up in the crystal dangle!!

As always -Happy Creating and come see for your self just how great Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is!!