Simple and fun, fun in the sun
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I used to live in Las Vegas, and I loved it, but I really love living in SoCal! This is where home is! And Vegas isn’t all that far! My kids are still in Vegas. My son is a supervisor at a car wash and my daughter is a teacher at a childcare learning center, my step-son is a musician with a percussion group!

But this heat lately is crazy! Dry heat just like Vegas! I know it won’t last and the humidity will come back, sigh, but at least it’s not cold. I am not one to complain, it’s just my preference!!

So….I am going to be posting more of my daily life AND Origami Owl!! ….and with that-the locket posted today was for my friend. She loves summer! The charms: flip-flops, sun, beach ball & kite. All in a medium gold twisty bracelet locket with crystals! Simple and fun!

Till next time!

As always-Happy Creating, Clara