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Gratitude Saturday 8/16


I am grateful for a lot of things and it seems that I keep going back to writing about the same things. My husband, Origami Owl, family etc….

Well today it’s still the same 🙂

I AM grateful for my husband (my Ozzie)!! He is a wonderful man! He has been through, and is going through, a lot with his health. He is a strong man! Emotionally he is strong! Mentally he is strong! Spiritually he is strong! -even when he is having a bad day.

I am grateful for my family. Today was my nephews birthday party, he turned 2 last Wednesday. Getting together for special moments, or just to hang out is always great! They are so fun to be around and love me for me and let me be myself! love you all!

I am grateful for Origami Owl everyday! The support, the values, the love, it’s just so strong! I am still a newbie to Origami Owl (signed up in May), but I am loving my journey and look forward to growing and learning and helping others and having fun!

Thank you all for reading!!
Clara ~.~

I would love to hear from you ;)

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