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Gratitude Tuesday 8/26

I am grateful for my husband who tries to work and get things done even if he is feeling bad. Today is his ‘good day -(no dialysis) and he loves to work on his cars. Right now the project he is working on is his brothers 72 Duster! It has been a slow go, but the finish line is in sight so that is a great motivator!


I am grateful for my ssm (sweet sweet mother). She is always willing to do stuff in a moments notice-shopping mainly lol, and standing around at Staples while we wait for my newest project to complete-the binding of my Origami Owl fall/winter catalog- I, apparently, laminated it with the wrong type of material (it was the adhesive kind) and I broke the binder machine at Staples {I really am sorry about that but I am not the employee who knew it was adhesive laminate-I told her} I am also grateful for the employee who helped me at Staples, she was very nice. (I have since found our own binding tool and have completed my little project!)


I am grateful for this beautiful day! And dragonflies! I love dragonflies! ❤


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