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Origami Owl & my thoughts of happiness

I am truly Happy that I became an Independent Designer for Origami Owl. I know it might sound corny, but I am. It is giving me something that I cherish- and that’s happiness. I get really happy when I do anything that involves Origami Owl. I posted awhile ago that it’s like magic to me, and it’s true. I am happy when I take pictures of our product. I am happy when I post about it and talk to people about it. I am happy when I go to a persons home and introduce Origami Owl to them and their friends. I am happy when I listen to people who have made a Living Locket, or are making one at a Jewelry Bar, and they tell me what each and every charm means to them. They tell me the story behind everything! I am happy when I follow up with my customers (some of whom are great friends now) and they tell me that THEY are happy and love the necklace or bracelet and get compliments on it-and then they tell that person the story behind all the charms!

One of my dear friends became an Independent Designer. We were talking about the process of gaining customers and trying to sell the products and I told her that

we are a force for good and bring happiness into people’s lives

and I really believe that.

My best friend became a designer before me and our plan was to be a partnership, but then, as a lot of companies do, they changed their policies, so I became an Designer. I love that she is in this company with me ❤ and I am in it with her.

My sister also became a designer! She lives states away and through phone calls, texts and facebook (sorry WP) we talk about Origami Owl and how tired we get after a Jewelry Bar (it is very tiring but wonderful) and we are happy! Love Ya bunches sis!

Before I became an Independent Designer, I was very happy. Had a great husband, a great career, great friends and family. I still have ALL that but ( work) and things have changed for me in my personal life but I feel that Origami Owl has filled a gap in my life 🙂 It makes me happy.

Ok wow, I turned on my phone with every intent to post a picture of a possible gift idea for the holidays but this turned into A LOT more then that.

Thanks for reading.

As always-Happy Creating
Clara ~.~

P.S. My family and friends think I am a bit crazed but I still love them

I would love to hear from you ;)

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