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Show it off with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry





I have been an Origami Owl Independent Designer since May of last year (Eeek that makes me so proud of my self!’) and it has been so fun. I really enjoy the product and I am so into Origami Owl Custom Jewelry as a company it’s sometimes over whelming. Strange you say that it’s over whelming? You just have to check it out to see what I mean 🙂
The company – Origami Owl Custom Jewelry – isn’t just a company- they are family who care very deeply for their employees and Independent Designers. They offer more then just a great product, one of which is extremely customizable and very personal – you create unique pieces of jewelry to express yourself, your life, loves, desires and dreams- they offer the ability to create meaningful pieces of jewelry for any occasion which the person whom you create it for will cherish.
They offer HEALTH BENEFITS! medical benefits for all active designers! They offer class courses through their O2 University. They offer the best commission (30-50%) and the best incentives. They are a Faithful company and are open about how important faith is in everyone’s life’s. Their training for new designers is incredible and everyone that I have met and spoken with have been very nice and helpful.

Back to the point- sorry went off track there for a few……. SHOW OFF YOURSELF ORIGAMI OWL STYLE!!!!

Have fun with your life! Be happy!!
This is day 2 of 2015 and I am ready to show off my style!

Happy Creating,
Clara ~.~

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