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Sat at the Whittier Craft Fair 

Over-all today was a great day! As usual met some amazing people! All the vendors are so dang creative! I love it!! As far as business goes- today was more of a networking day- which is awesome 🙂 but I was expecting a wee bit more in the way of sales- BUT that’s ok!! 🙂 

Here are a few pictures – I did take more but they were blurry. If you click on the picture it will take you to my Origami Owl web site 🙂 I also took a video but am not able to load it up on this post (I am on my cell) but it is on Twitter @claralvlocket 

1st view of my table

2nd view of my table
S S M with her new Miche purse (no link)
My Ozzie wearing my new handmade recycled bowl- made out of plastic shoppingbags and our table clips!! (no link)


The weather was perfect! Our coordinator -Diana with Whittier Craft Fair – is awesome! Her food vendor did not show, so she bought us all pizza! Very thoughtful to take care of us. 

I look forward to the next event which will be the last sat of May. They usually have this event on the last Sat of every month but they are having a special 3 day event in April (which I will not be going to as another Origani Owl designer has that spot- lucky ducky) at another location. 

So meow I get to unload and rest!! It’s super fun but also super tiring 🙂 

Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~ <—-my Origami Owl web site <—— my facebook business page (check it out and let me know what you think) 🙂 

I would love to hear from you ;)

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