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Let me explain……Inscriptions 

This is my Living Locket with our In{script}ions 🙂 the possibilities are truly endless and I hope everyone goes to my web page and tries it out! You can actually see what it will look like as you type in what you want inscribed. 

For my Ozzie

Let me explain what each in{script}ion means:

     Poof! You’re a cheesecake– (this is on a Large Living Locket base which I have turned over) When I was growing up, my older brother (by 13 years) would be making – let’s say -a peanut butter and jelly sandwich- to eat, and I would ask ‘make me a sandwich’ and he would look at me and say ‘ poof, your a sandwich’ Meow this would work out this way for ANYTHING. I would be poofed into a glass of water or a banana or anything. So when (then soon to be my husband) me and Ozzie were getting to know each other – he tells me he makes cheesecakes for his family for Christmas. Of course I say ‘oh make me one’ and he says…..’poof you’re a cheesecake!’ I about died right then and there! I knew without a doubt that I was IN LOVE! 

      My Knight In Shinning Stallion– (this is on the large Plate inside the Living Locket) After Ozzie and I got married he was feeling very heroic one day and told me he is my ‘ knight in shining stallion’ Of course he meant to say ‘knight in shining armor’ but I love the ‘stallion’!! He is MY stallion!! 

     ‘M‘- our initial of our last name

So there you have it! The meaning behind my Living Locket. 

Origami Owl jewelry is such a fun and meaningful way to express yourself! I just love it and would love to hear from you! What would YOU inscribe?? 

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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I would love to hear from you ;)

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