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1 year Anniversary with Origami Owl


What a difference a year makes! @origamiowl

Today is my 1 year anniversary as an Origami Owl Independent Designer!! I am proud of my self! I love everything about Origami Owl. The company IS LOVE! It is really hard to put into words how I feel about O2 (Origami Owl)
I feel so strongly about it. It’s magic to me. They way the company helps everyone, with training, support, sharing of knowledge and of course the wonderful product!

I originally signed up as a co-partner with my BFF Yvonne Berg. That was in March? Of 2014 and the time when we got an announcement that co-partners were no longer accepted unless an LLC was created…So…. On May 13, 2014 I signed up under Yvonne 🙂 & now I am a Leading Designer! I mentor my sister, Casey and my friend Taylar whom I met on Facebook in a networking group!

Why did I sign up?

My ‘why’ for signing up has changed within the past 12 months- I was just so in love with  my mothers locket- the charms were just so dang cute and I wanted one of my own. That came later for Christmas in 2013!! I was so dang excited to have one for my self! My ‘why’ was to get those cute little charms and shiny chains! To get my own Living Locket! You get a discount as an Independent Designer. It was perfect!


My ‘why’ changed again when I begin to really learn about Origami Owl as a company. I have never worked in a ‘sales’ position before, admin yes and customer service but never sales, and admittedly in the beginning I thought of myself as a sales person- was I ever WRONG!! That was why for a few months I WAS my best customer 🙂 and I know that I might have months like that again but my thinking has changed.

My ‘why’ now has grown into something magical 🙂 I ‘SHARE’ Origami Owl, I share the excitement about creating pieces of jewelry that forever keep memories alive! I share the wonderful opportunities that are available to people who become Independent Designers.  Medical benefits! Training! & there is money to be made yes- I am still working on that part 😉 but to hear the stories that people tell me when they are creating their Living Locket or creating a CORE necklace or bangle is just priceless! The incentives for designers (trips, iPads, free jewelry!) are wonderful yes but, it all comes down to the stories and people. I have met some amazing people, a lot who have become my friends. It’s wonderful.

The time that I have for Origami Owl is not a lot, it does take time but I do have a life. I have a husband who is struggling with his health, I have a ssm (sweet sweet mother) who is getting up there in age and a home with bills and cleaning and pets and grown children. Life is hectic and Origami Owl has kept me grounded and I have learned so much. I have had bad months and good months-I have paid some bills and saved some money and bought gifts with my profit ☺️. I AM able to do all these things- live life and be happy because of Origami Owl.

I am happy and look forward to growing and learning more as each year goes by!! Thank younger reading this! Happy Anniversary to me!! & I hope this has inspired someone to go for it! Xoxox


Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

(I did also make this a page) 😉

I would love to hear from you ;)

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