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MLB + Origami Owl Custom Jewelry!

Yes, yes, yes!! Oh and the Summer collection!!! Yes, yes, yes!! 

So, know anyone who is a die-hard MLB FAN?!? American League or National League? We have all!! A total of 30 charms!! Origami Owl will have OFFICIAL MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL charms AVAILABLE on June 1st!! 

MLB charms

This works for little league as well!! Oh I am sooo excited to be able to share this with you! 

I would like to invite you all to have an on-line party ( Jewelry Bar). I say on-line because I believe most of you reading are not in my area, but I really don’t know where you all are. I am in Southern California- so by all means, we can definitely have a party (jewelry bar) in person if you are in SoCal!! This is our hostess exclusive starting June!  

Origami Owl hostess exclusive

The hostess rewards are the same for any type of party (jewelry bar)!!! 

Summer and baseball and family and fun! It’s fantastic!!

Let me know what you think!! And share, share, share!! 

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~  You can shop directly from my Facebook page too! 🙂 

I would love to hear from you ;)

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