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Huntington Beach, CA

Had a wonderful time with my husband this past Sunday. We had a beach date! Just the two of us ❤️ The walk down from the car to the water was slow and we took our time, but my Ozzie is a trooper!! His legs where hurting him so we rested and walked a little and rested some more- but it was worth it! We played in the sand and held hands in the water! We laughed and held each other up when the ‘big’ waves came in- we sat and watched the Pelicans fly over the water and then dive in to feed and then fly back up. It rained (sprinkled) a little but that was wonderful too because it made small dots in the sand. 

My view from under my super big sunhat!
my sand ‘shark’

‘Ozzie ❤️’ sand art
My handsome Ozzie and me and my super big sunhat

Me and my Ozzie (yes his hat says ‘MEOW’ )

Video of me playing in the sand 🙂

It was a great day! 

Thanks for reading & as always,

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~ 

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