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Breakaway Safety Clasp?!?

Do you wear a lanyard for work? Most people in the ‘medical’ field do & I have been told that they require a lanyard which will breakaway if the lanyard becomes caught on something ( or grabbed by someone-scary) Other professions also require the use of a lanyard- This is for everyone who wears a lanyard!! All of ya!! 🙂 

Guess what?!? Origami Owl now has a BREAKAWAY safety clasps’ for LANYARDS!! Now you CAN be complaint AND be fashionable at the same time 🙂 


Living Locket Lanyard with Breakaway clasp
Living Locket Lanyard
The Eternity Lanyard
Living Locket Lanyard

There are two types of Origami Owl Lanyards 

The Eternity Lanyard– a jewel covered ring that comes in both Silver and RoseGold   

The Living Locket Lanyard – a large Living Locket which you fill with charms that tell a story- YOUR story!! & then complete your look with a Large Twist Face. 

So either way- you are fashionable and compliant with our new breakaway safety clasp! 

Check them out here 🙂 

And as always….

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

Thanks for reading 🙂 

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