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Happy New Year 2016

Floating around- bumps into things- floats some more……..then ‘I HAVE FOUND IT!’ 
I ‘partnered’ with my best friend after she became a designer, but after the policy changed it just felt right to join on my own! This was for me, to help me stay grounded when my family needed me most {my husband has ESRD and is on dialysis 3 days a week} 
My ‘WHY’ has changed a bit from when I first started {May 2014} to now {New Years eve 2015} 
First I fell in love with the teeny tiny charms ‘I gotta have this!’ {I love and wear my original locket everyday}, then after some research I feel with love with the company – ‘I gotta have them!!’ 
For me- 2015 has been a learning year! When people say ‘you get what you put into it’ boy are they right!! 2016 will be my priority year- my year for organization and priorities {I admit I did let myself get pulled away from family-and I am changing that!} 
I became an Independent Designer to fill an emotional empty spot- which it did and kept me going 🙂 but after becoming an Independent Designer and learning everything that we can do- it just blew me away! I can help others! I can help someone with the simplest {I need a gift} to helping others with A NEW JOB! And everything else in between. Fundraising- Extra income- FREE jewelry- a girls night in- Friendship! How awesome is that!  
Origami Owl is still my ‘grounding tool’ so to speak but also it is a way of life. I love me some O2! 

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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