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Let’s have a little fun!! 

I came across this game and thought it was really cute! It seems to be a great way to engage your peeps. I spiced up the graphic a bit and wanted to share. So if you are reading this ~ please play and have fun!! 

Here are the questions-

 1. Current mood:

2. Relationship status:

3. Kids:

4. How many pets:

5. Favorite color:

6. Favorite snack/food:

7. Favorite season:

8. Favorite holiday:

9. Job: 

You can answer them using ONLY emojis! 

Here are mine 🙂 

1. Current mood: ☺️

2. Relationship status:👰🏼💑💍

3. Kids:👨🏼👨🏼👩🏼

4. How many pets:🐶🐶🐱🐠

5. Favorite color:💞

6. Favorite snack/food:🌮🍩

7. Favorite season:🌻🌤⛱

8. Favorite holiday:⚰☠🎃🕸🕷👻

9. Job: 🏠🎨

So, after completing mine- see above- I realize that I could have added different and way more questions. But I am going to leave it the way it is. 

Have fun and please play and share this!

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~ 

I would love to hear from you ;)

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