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Asking for help is hard

My brother-in-law Eddie passed away July 17th. I started a gofundme account. It was hard to even start it- took me a day to figure out what to write- and I look at it now and it’s so generic sounding I feel bad. I have gotten a few donations to go towards his immediate family, and I am deeply grateful. I am grateful for all the messages and prayers that I know are going up. 

This is the link Eddie Martinez Gofundme

Having to go through what the family is going through is so tough- but adding the financial burden of a funeral is just overwhelming. I am looking into funeral insurance for my family. And they all know my wishes but really can do whatever they want to help them grieve and get over my passing. 

Wow even writing this has been so hard and I didn’t even talk about Eddie. 

Miss you so much- your whole family misses you so terribly much. You got us all together- you mended the family feud and got all of your brother and sisters together. They are stronger now because of you. 

Love you Eddie-thank you for treating me like your own. See you on the other side.


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