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Childhood cancer sucks

{5 Limited-Time Offer Looks Give Back in Support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month}
Every two minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer.

But you can help. For 72 hours ONLY or while supplies last, you can be a Force for Good during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by sharing and purchasing one of five, limited-time offers* that will give back to an organization to help those affected by childhood cancer.
Here’s how you can be a Force for Good:

• Shop “Childhood Cancer Awareness” Lockets. Shop one of these looks for $29 USD | $39 CAD (save up to 60%!) and $1 from every “Childhood Cancer Awareness Month” Locket sold to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, which supports children and their families impacted by these rare diseases, including the three most common pediatric cancers; Lymphoma, Leukemia and Brain Cancer in hospitals across the U.S. and Canada.

Limited time-
Childhood Cancer Awareness Locket
Limited time-
Childhood Brain Cancer Awareness Locket
Limited time -
Childhood Cancer Awareness Locket
Limited time -
Lymphoma Awareness Locket
limited time -
Leukemia Awareness Locket

• Get Free {Standard} Shipping on Orders Over $100 USD | $140 CAD. All orders $100 or more site wide will receive FREE {standard} SHIPPING between Monday, September 19 at Noon CDT and Wednesday, September 21 at 11:59 p.m. CDT.

$29 for each look above, $1 each will be donated. Origami Owl raised over 50k for the Red Cross a few months ago- lets beat that!! 

Be a force for good! 

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~


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