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Fuck Cancer

My heart aches for all who suffer because of it. My heart breaks for all who have died because of it.

I never used to agree with this statement ‘fuck cancer’ but my thoughts have changed.

The saying ‘it doesn’t apply to me’ is something I can no longer say.

Someone I love dearly is suffering from cancer.

Someone I loved dearly has died from cancer.

Saying ‘cancer sucks’ just doesn’t feel like a strong enough statement. ‘Fuck cancer’ I feel is a strong statement.

This picture should be of barbed wire instead of flowers- then again- the flowers give hope to those suffering and something pretty to look at for those left behind.

I always end my posts with ‘Happy Creating’. Not this one.

Fuck Cancer,

Clara ~.~

2 thoughts on “Fuck Cancer

  1. I came across your picture because I want to put it up on my FB page. It sums up how I feel about cancer. I am a 6 year breast cancer survivor. Even though I beat it then, it’s something that’s ever present in my mind. My dad had prostrate cancer 2 years ago and won. My mother was diagnosed yesterday with breast cancer. I am angry and frightened for her. Enough!! Fuck you cancer 😦


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