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It feels good to be able to share the Origami Owl love! It’s also pretty darn tiring!! Loading up the car, unloading the car, setting up the booth, greeting everyone and the non stop speaking, packing everything up, loading the car, unloading the car.

BUT I wouldn’t change it! I feels so good and it truly is so much fun.

I get to play with the set up! Making new looks is really fun to do!

I get to hear people’s stories. I get to see people get excited about seeing a charm that means so much to them! A pineapple charm almost made a woman cry today because pineapples represent her mom who she misses so very much. Another is a collector of hearts. She choose all the heart charms I had in my inventory and was giggling away as she told me about all of her other hearts she has- from jewelry to clothes to nick knacks in her house.

And don’t get me started on the Harry Potter collection! I had 4 people come up and just about explode with happiness when they saw the collection in person.

Even though Origami Owl has been around for 5 years as a direct selling company- there are so many people who have never heard of it or seen it in person.

Being an Independent Designer with Origami Owl is such a great experience and I think it’s magical. I am proud to be part of such an amazing company. 4 years as an Independent Designer and still love it so very much. It’s WAY more then just jewelry.

Thanks for reading!!

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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Click here to read about becoming an Independent Designer

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