Vendor event check off lists

Events can be a great place to get exposure to new customers. You can sell inventory if you have it and but you can also network and meet new people.

Events are great to grow your customer base by gather their information when they stop by your booth. You can have slips of paper ready to take down their information for a monthly newsletter or just to keep them informed of new products as they come out. Also ask which method of contact they prefer from you- text or email or phone call.

Events can be either outdoors or in. If they are in-doors you most likely will not need a canopy. If it is outside you will need a canopy. Typically vendor spaces are 10×10.

A table is a must. I have read that you shouldn’t sit in your booth. I need to have a chair available- I can not stand for long periods, so I sit. When someone comes to my booth I do get up and greet them.

A clean and organized booth is a must no matter what you sell or offer. If you have bags and boxes for transporting items, hide them under your table.

After the event, the next day, I send my contacts a thank you message- either by text or email- which ever they prefer, thanking them for stopping and meeting me.

Bring patients & smiles & a good attitude.

These are a few things that I do for events.

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

I would love to hear from you ;)

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