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Who wants to have a party?!?

Having an online jewelry bar is ALMOST as FUN as an in person jewelry bar – BUT you don’t have to get dressed, or clean the house, or leave your house! You can lounge around in your pj’s or extremely comphy robe and browse and shop through the on line catalog. Sometimes that is so much better then having to leave the house! 

Ok so you have to leave the house for work- yes even on this long weekend I know some of you have to work. Ok so you copy and paste this link called Virtual catalog and then email it to your peeps. They browse and shop and you get rewards! Oh and hey- this works even if you get to stay comphy in your home (see first paragraph) 

So again- who wants to party? 

You can email me at or text me at 702-204-0001 

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~ 

P.S. Think ahead a few months- do you have a gift giving opportunity? Birthday, anniversary, wedding, shower? Lockets or watches or dangles and chains make great gifts 🙂

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Well- this awesome set from Origami Owl Custom Jewelry CAN be FREE or at a discount -with a qualifying jewelry bar**, which is a party. 


Spring Hostess Exclusive 2016
Think forward to events which will require you to present a gift. You probably have thought of a few ‘gift giving opportunities’ right away.  🙂

Something for………lets see…….

  1. You – just ‘because’ 
  2. Your Partner
  3. Your BFF
  4. Your girlfriend
  5. A Wedding gift
  6. Your Mom
  7. Your Aunt
  8. Your cousin
  9. A teacher
  10. A birthday 
  11. The neighbor down the way who is so nice
  12. Your MIL or FIL
  13. Easter
  14. Mothers Day – doesn’t have to even be your Mom- could be your Grandma, Sister, Aunt – really ANY mother figure in your life!
  15. Celebrating a memory
  16. Showing off your favorite MLB team
  17. An Anniversary 
  18. A new home or job
  19. A team member who is a rockstar

You get the idea.

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is more than what is pictured here. It is so customizable that you literally can create hundreds of unique custom looks. 

  This look you see in this picture is our Spring Hostess Exclusive for 2016 & is only available to people who HOST a party. 

  • It can be an ‘in-home’ party or get together with friends- a girls night in 😉 *if you are in my area – if not then see below :)*
  • It can be an ‘on-line virtual’ party where you can party in your pj’s if you want! No need to clean house for this one!!
  • It can be a ‘catalog’ party- you receive a catalog from me and you show it around to your friends and co-workers 
  • It can be a ‘fundraiser’ party – where a portion of my commission goes towards the cause of YOUR choice! 

The possibilities are endless and they are FUN! 

I love sharing Origami Owl!! Thank you for reading and please share too! 

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

Click here to view my Origami Owl web site 🙂 and to see just how truly customizable Origami Owl Jewelry really is! 
** see flyer pictured for details.   

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This is one of many places that I work :)

So this is one of the places I CAN work. I can work outta my purse or at a desk or table – Basically anywhere!!! It’s one of the great perks of being an Origami Owl Independent Designer 🙂 I can be what I want, and you can get me the way you need me!! #claralvlocket #me2016 In home- on line, through the mail, at the mall, in the park- I’ll be there for you with a smile 🙂 and some great jewelry ☺️ 

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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 Flat Olive helping pick out charms! 

We had a ‘charming’ day!! 

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~ 

P.S. Check out my shopping link and tell me which charm is your favorite 😉

P.S.S. I will be writing about my trip – might not be in order but I will share 🙂 

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Meet wonderful people and shop on line!

Like to shop, shop, shop?? Click going -> My Love Is Green virtual tradeshow


Meet wonderful people and see what everyone has to offer at this VIRTUAL TRADE-SHOW!

I’ll be there!! Come on in and check it out!

Happy Creating,
Clara ~.~

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Origami Owl Valentines Day {sneak peak}





Contact me to make sure you book your spot for your own Jewelry Bar! In home (or your work) or On-line, you get the same great benefits!

Happy Creating,
Clara ~.~