GrowO2 Gratitude Journal


During the 2014 Origami Owl GrOwO2 Convention in Phoenix AZ, we were asked by Chrissy Weems (Bella Weems mother) to begin a gratitude journal.

The ‘theme’ for this years convention was GROW, grow as a person, grow your business, grow together & grow spiritually <— (if you so choose). The gratitude journal will help you keep on track with your business, your family, your life, your business & your goals.

The speakers at Convention taught me to GrOw relationships rather then JUST sell this amazing jewelry. To give back. To put into it what I want to get out of it!

I have been writing everyday on something – the mirror, napkins, scrap pieces of paper & yes, even my notebook that was in the convention registration bag we received at convention, BUT IT JUST CLICKED IN MY MIND TODAY- WRITE on your blog what you are grateful for!! Seems to me I should have thought about this sooner, but it is never to late!

I will be writing 'posts' to this blog, daily, beginning tonight, and I might, just might, gather all my little scraps of paper and napkins and write what I have already wrote. ( but I know I will not get to that tonight)

Thank you for taking the time to read this and as always (not going to change this!)


One thought on “GrowO2 Gratitude Journal

  1. Gratitude Tuesday 8/26
    I am grateful for my husband who tries to work and get things done even if he is feeling bad. Today is his ‘good day -(no dialysis) and he loves to work on his cars. Right now the project he is working on is his brothers 72 Duster! It has been a slow go, but the finish line is in sight so that is a great motivator!


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