Happy April

So many things have happen in March- I am looking forward to a slower April in regards to my personal life.

My husband went into the hospital for pneumonia for 4 days and going to dialysis 3 times a week (this is manageable for me- my normal- his normal). My mom is currently in the hospital to treat a major infection that is damaging her heart. I am still recovering from my thyroid surgery- even though this happen late February. My sister has CANCER -Hodgkins Lymphoma- chemo will begin this month. My brother in law is in the hospital for possible kidney damage due to diabetes. My cat has hurt his back leg.

I really think I am ready for a slower April. An April with lots of healing. An April that all my loved ones are healing and healthy. Me included.

One cannot rest in the hospital and one cannot rest at home while someone they love is in the hospital (or in the bed next to you if they are ill- or in the next room- or on the other side of the country) but you do get a bit more rest when at home.

I have not set up my Origami Owl display at any events for the past 3 weekends. I have canceled coffee dates with friends. I want to hang out and be fun and happy – just can’t find it in me right now.

I have a small team of designers who I want to see succeed and I am sending them messages and positive training but I know it’s not the same as being ‘present’. My Origami Owl business has suffered and I am not THAT disappointed because I know I will get back into it when the time is right- I still share the newest products and will continue to do so- just not so much as I have been doing. My family comes first and Origami Owl will be here for me.

This little blurb of a blog has helped me a bit, this is the first of its kind – just putting stuff on the screen for all to read but also getting out of my soul.

Thank you for reading.

As always-

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

If you want to see what Origami Owl is click here.

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Love – Father & Son

This is what I see every time I pick up my cell phone. 

Father & Son at Huntington Beach Ca

This is a screen shot- I seem to have lost the picture itself-but I have this! This is my Ozzie and my step-son at Huntington Beach CA. This was the first time in YEARS that my husband was at the beach and my step-son was helping him walk to the water. Ozzie was very weak due to dialysis. This was 3 years ago and he still is on dialysis (ESRD due to diabeties) and still is weak, but he has days where he can do a lot of activity ( we look forward to those days ☺️) 

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there! 

I wanted to share- thank you for reading ❤️

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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61 Vailant ‘Best Original’ 

So proud of my husband! He has end stage renal failure- is on dialysis 3 days a week. When he is feeling good- usually on his off days from dialysis- he works on his classic cars. This one is his 61 Vailant.  

61′ Vailant

He went cruisin’ while I was having an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar and ended up at the Buena Park Elks Lodge (hmmm was this planned? -probably lol) 

I missed the whole thing and wish I could have a re-do so I could have seen his face when they announced “car #71 -Best Original -for the 61′ Vailant!!”

I am so proud of you my Ozzie! You work hard and even though you have health set backs, you never give up! 

~.~ Clara 

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A little out of control -sorry

So… We were playing around and it got a little out of control last night. Needless to say I took my husband out! Takled him on the bed, he was to close to the edge, and he fell off-landed on his right side! 

We had a very busy day and I caught him off guard. My husband (my Ozzie) has renal failure and is on dialysis till he gets a new kidney- I feel so so awful that he landed on the floor. It was a hard hit! 

I love you my Ozzie with all my heart and you had just better watch it!! Jk 

xoxo I am sorry!! I love you bunches xoxo

Clara ~.~

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Gratitude Tuesday 8/12/14

I am grateful for my husbands dialysis treatment! Today was a ‘good’ day for my Ozzie and he wouldn’t have these ‘good’ days with out dialysis!

I am grateful for the wonderful company I am part of-Origami Owl-and by being an Independent Designer, I am able to work around my family. (All though they would say I spend to much time lol)

I am grateful for the meteor shower which is supposed to be wonderful. I will write about it tomorrow :). But I love the stars, the sparkle & twinkle and promise if something ‘else 🙂


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Grateful for….

8/8/14 I am grateful for the dialysis techs at Davita La Palma for taking such great care of my husband before, during and after dialysis!

I am grateful for my husband who go through so much each day with his health yet still takes the time to always tell me & show me how much he loves me!

I am grateful for my doggies who let me love all over them with out complaints!!!