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 Flat Olive helping pick out charms! 

We had a ‘charming’ day!! 

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~ 

P.S. Check out my shopping link and tell me which charm is your favorite 😉

P.S.S. I will be writing about my trip – might not be in order but I will share 🙂 

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“Never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun” KH

Happy Creating & have fun 

Clara ~.~

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Origami Owl = Great Jewelry!!!!

I am an Independent Designer with Origami Owl. I began May of this year and I am having so much fun!

I love their product and the company mission statement-which is…….

Our mission is to be a force for good; to love, inspire + motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams + empower them to make a difference in the lives of others
The concept is simple, you choose little charms that represent you or something in your life that you love-you then choose what is called a ‘Living Locket’ to put the charms in. A ‘Living Locket’ is a locket that has a glass face and back so the charms show through!! (It’s ‘living’ because it can be always changing-like your life everyday!) You then slide it on a chain, either one of Origami Owls or one of your own if you a favorite!

One if the many great things that I love about this company is the way they give back to the community! So many designers (myself included!) donate a portion if the money they make to their favorite cause (mine in the National Kidney Foundation). Theirs is Child Help, a company that helps with the prevention of child abuse.

The other thing that I love about Origami Owl is they really help you be a success with your business. There are tools for success that once you become a designer, you have access to. But It’s not just about the money you earn, but how that money can change your life and impact others.

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is a fun and forward thinking company!

You definitely get what you put into it, as with any job!! I am having fun!!!!! I want to share Origami Owl Custom Jewelry with everyone!!

Please comment and let me know what you think!!

Thank you and as always-Happy Creating!!





Simple and fun, fun in the sun
Create your story today! Come visit and check it out. Contact me if you have any questions!

I used to live in Las Vegas, and I loved it, but I really love living in SoCal! This is where home is! And Vegas isn’t all that far! My kids are still in Vegas. My son is a supervisor at a car wash and my daughter is a teacher at a childcare learning center, my step-son is a musician with a percussion group!

But this heat lately is crazy! Dry heat just like Vegas! I know it won’t last and the humidity will come back, sigh, but at least it’s not cold. I am not one to complain, it’s just my preference!!

So….I am going to be posting more of my daily life AND Origami Owl!! ….and with that-the locket posted today was for my friend. She loves summer! The charms: flip-flops, sun, beach ball & kite. All in a medium gold twisty bracelet locket with crystals! Simple and fun!

Till next time!

As always-Happy Creating, Clara