Thursday at UCI

I have spent my day at the UCI hospital. I am here with my husband. He had an angiogram done. All is good and now he is STAYING on the transplant list for a kidney.


Dr. did find a small blockage but it’s not a big of enough problem for a stint- for now. No more McDonald’s (honestly at least for a while)

He is in recovery- has to lay flat for at least 4 hours, then I get to take him home. He said he felt everything as they use ‘twilight’ sleep and didn’t get put under.

I didn’t take any pictures from today. He is ok with that. 🙂

Happy Thursday everyone and always-

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~



What did you do today? I set up my Origami Owl jewelry at the Farmers Market. I didn’t snap any pictures of my table today- it was the same set up as the week before convention (love having my table together in the middle by the way)


I did get these!

Took this on the way to the Farmers Market. Love it when my husband helps me out. Spending time with him is so important to me.

This is the Large Legacy Living Locket. It has the Nesting Bubbles in it. One heart for me, one heart for my husband and 4 birthstones for each of the kids ❤️.

This is a Mini Living Locket with a crystal star, rose stardust and the new silver sliver moon.

I hope your afternoon was as great as mine.

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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A little out of control -sorry

So… We were playing around and it got a little out of control last night. Needless to say I took my husband out! Takled him on the bed, he was to close to the edge, and he fell off-landed on his right side! 

We had a very busy day and I caught him off guard. My husband (my Ozzie) has renal failure and is on dialysis till he gets a new kidney- I feel so so awful that he landed on the floor. It was a hard hit! 

I love you my Ozzie with all my heart and you had just better watch it!! Jk 

xoxo I am sorry!! I love you bunches xoxo

Clara ~.~

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Gratitude -Monday 8/11/14

I am grateful for this Monday! A fresh start to a new week. Period!

I am grateful for my wonderful husband (my Ozzie). Xoxo Dailysis three times a week is hard on him but he still is funny, sweet, caring & loving.

I am grateful for the wonderful memories I have of Robin Williams. RIP

I am grateful for my two four legged kids-Carlos & Gunny, who, even if I just go out side to take the trash out, greet me when I come back inside like they haven’t seen me for days!! 🙂