I want to invite you

I want to invite you to experience Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. You can browse my shopping site or even join- I just want to share the Origami Owl love! I have been an Independent Designer since May 2014. I am absolutely in love with this company, their mission statement and the jewelry. I have shared…

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Origami Owl Valentines Day {sneak peak}

Contact me to make sure you book your spot for your own Jewelry Bar! In home (or your work) or On-line, you get the same great benefits! http://www.claralvlocket.origamiowl.com Happy Creating, Clara ~.~

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September is almost over

AND I still have openings on my calendar for Origami Owl Jewelry Bars!! I want everyone to be able to experience this fun and exciting party!! It’s quick and easy! So…. Please contact me to schedule YOUR Jewelry Bar { and this is Origami Owl’s phrase for party!} There are great gifts for hosting a…

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Ever thought about joining Origami Owl?

https://www.hollyjollyboxofhappy.com/ If you have ever thought I need extra money or I wish I could make my own schedule then please consider joining my team! The cost is only $199 to join, which you WILL get back with your first Jewelry Bar. This Holly Jolly Box of Happy has a value of over $800.!! The…

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O2 aqua

Don’t you just love the colors of my Origami Owl Jewelry Bar? I am so excited to be able to do this and to share their jewelry!

Every charm helps to tell your story in your Living Locket.

Get some friends together and I can set up this fabulous, clean and bright Jewelry Bar! You’ll be my hostess, you’ll have fun AND earn free jewelry!!

Yaaaaaaa 🙂

Come visit

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What is a Jewelry Bar?!?

Would you like to host a Jewelry Bar? If someone where to have asked me that question a few months ago, I would have been….what the heck is a jewelry bar? I don’t drink!!! 🙂 Let me tell you, an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar is an experience you will not forget and it’s an experience…

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Like it-place your order. Love it-host a party

Want it all?!?-join my team. How do you order you ask? It’s easy!!! Log onto my Origami Owl website at http://www.claralvlocket.origamiowl.com Browse through the online catalog and place your order. Pay and your selection will be shipped to your home before you know it! (about 2-4 days) Why would I order you ask? You WILL…

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