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Wizard of Oz

Do you love the Wizard Of Oz and everything Dorothy? Or Toto? Or rainbows? Or Ruby Slippers?

Origami Owl has partnered with Warner Bros to bring us an AMAZING collection of the Wizard Of Oz! You can’t find these anywhere else & available for a limited time. There will be new releases for the next two Tuesdays-5/21 & 5/28.

Check out the collection by click —> here Have fun and make sure you come back to see what’s new.

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Mother’s Day

Don’t wait! Today is the cut off for standard shipping for Mother’s Day. Make sure you get it on time. Be the favorite kid.

There are tons on great looks that she will love. These are from the ‘gift shop’ link on my website. You can click here —> GIFT SHOP or on each photo. Lockets, bracelets, necklaces- have it all.

Remember- be the favorite.

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Harry Potter jewelry

If you’re a Potterhead or know one- this is for you! I would like to share some Harry Potter jewelry ideas! There are so many ways to show off your love for Harry! Lockets, bracelets, earrings, stickit lockets, rings and keychains. Endless options. You can shop straight from this —> link <——, or just check it out. 😉

There are gift sets available for one click shipping OR you create your own look- which is so much fun to do!

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Shopping online for Mother’s Day gifts

You’re busy. You need to get your mom a gift. Click here to shop for your Mom, Wife, Grandma, Aunt, Friend, Teacher. There is something for each ‘mother figure’ in your life. There are wonderful gift sets- all available with one click.

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Mother’s Day shipping schedule

Mother’s Day shipping schedule
Mother’s Day shipping schedule

There is still time to get her order before Mother’s Day! We have free shipping on all orders over $50! Take advantage of the free shipping.

Origami Owl is the perfect gift for any occasion but it’s FABULOUSLY PERFECT for Mother’s Day.

There are chains, lockets, earrings, bracelets, watches and keychains. You can create the perfect gift for mom ❤️

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~


A bracelet that fits!!

Can I just say that I am in LOVE with our new charm bracelet!! I’M IN LOVE!!

I have thick wrists (and everything else! Lol) and sometimes bracelets are too tight.

The charm bracelet with multiple charm pendants

When I ordered my charm bracelet I did also order two extension pieces- just in case! BUT guess what?? I didn’t need them!! I’ll find a way to use them.

The FUR MOM charm pendant

I was able to put it on and as you can see in the video at the top- it moves freely and is perfect!!

BUT FIRST COFFEE charm pendant

The bracelet has hidden clasp so the charm pendant slip on. The bracelet itself has good size loops, would look great by itself……

The ‘LOVE GROWS HERE’ side of the tree pendant

The family tree side of the tree charm pendant

The family tree charm pendant opens so you can place crystals inside-or a small note

BUT it looks fabulous with the charm pendants. The charm pendants are a good weight- they feel solid. I like them all but my favorite is the family tree pendant- it opens, you can place crystals in it!

Place the charm pendant on a chain

The charm pendants can also be worn on a simple chain. The pendants are a perfect size- not to small- not to big.

I plan on getting more pendants!

You can shop/browse by clicking here.

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~






Mother’s Day collection

The Mother’s Day collection will be released tonight!!!

This is a sneak peak from Origami Owl and I wanted to share with you all as well.


#supermom charm for Mother’s Day

This locket has an inscription plate. You can write out pretty much anything to go along with your charms. LOVE! You can view and shop everything that Origami Owl has to offer here .

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One of my favorites

This is a Meduim Heart Locket. The heart is made of angel wings ❤️

I have a few pink stardust’s and our new dragonfly charm. It’s perfect for Spring. The best part of this is the chain is included and has a bolo clasp – you can pull the end of the chain to change the length. LOVE ❤️

You can create a locket here.

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~




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🍀 What would you rather have?

What would you rather have? A PINCH or FREE SHIPPING??

My guess is FREE SHIPPING 💚 Free shipping on all orders till 3/17

PLUS enter the word LUCKY at checkout and get 17% off!!

Free shipping and 17% off when you enter the word LUCKY at checkout

It’s March- you have gift giving opportunities coming up, and Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is exactly what you are looking for.

You can browse and shop here.

Happy Creating,

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