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MLB + Origami Owl Custom Jewelry!

Yes, yes, yes!! Oh and the Summer collection!!! Yes, yes, yes!! 

So, know anyone who is a die-hard MLB FAN?!? American League or National League? We have all!! A total of 30 charms!! Origami Owl will have OFFICIAL MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL charms AVAILABLE on June 1st!! 

MLB charms

This works for little league as well!! Oh I am sooo excited to be able to share this with you! 

I would like to invite you all to have an on-line party ( Jewelry Bar). I say on-line because I believe most of you reading are not in my area, but I really don’t know where you all are. I am in Southern California- so by all means, we can definitely have a party (jewelry bar) in person if you are in SoCal!! This is our hostess exclusive starting June!  

Origami Owl hostess exclusive

The hostess rewards are the same for any type of party (jewelry bar)!!! 

Summer and baseball and family and fun! It’s fantastic!!

Let me know what you think!! And share, share, share!! 

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~  You can shop directly from my Facebook page too! 🙂 

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They’re inseparable, and the best of friends.

mother daughter 121


  • 32″ silver custom deco chain
  • 7″ silver custom deco bracelet
  • You and me puzzle piece charm
  • Large silver heart living locket with crystals
  • Mini silver living locket with crystals
  • Large silver piece of my heart heart plate

This set is $121.00 + tax & shipping. Quantities are limited so if you like it (love it?) please do not wait. Click here to order and please check out the entire Origami Owl Custom Jewelry collections-there is something for all of your Valentines`.

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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Landyards and Lockets

lanyards and lockets

What better way to show off your style (and tell your story!) at work then with an Origami Owl Living Locket Lanyard! You can layer it (as shown) or wear it alone to show off your story!

View my on-line shopping catalog at to see everything that origami Owl has to offer! And its MORE then just jewelry 😉

Happy Creating,
Clara ~.~


Attention Bloggers

Hi. Please check out my Origami Owl Living Locket


I love this!!! Don’t you? You can blog any time any where, you start a blog with a purpose, then it takes you into an entirely different direction and then once your through (but bloggers really are never through are they???) you are a star!!

This is a medium black Living Locket with 4 charms-star, compass, laptop, BLOG. Simple yet tells a whole story!

Love it!!

Thanks for reading, you can visit me at

Happy Creating,



Click here to see all that is available

What’s in your locket?

A new spin to the classic locket. Rather then hiding what’s in your locket, show it off for all to see. Stainless steel or gold glass Origami Owl Living Lockets with rhinestones-or without! The Living Locket opens up so you can add charms that tell your story and personality. You can add a dangle (or two) to add color.
The best part is that you can change what is inside!! The choices are endless with one Living Locket!

Browse the online catalog, check out all the chains and charms that are available. See what you can get for FREE if you host a Jewelry Bar! Even join my team!

Here is my web site again. Come on in!!