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#meow hahahaha

Happy Creating and sweet dreams 

Clara ~.~

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Silly kitty
To adorable- enjoy

Clara ~.~

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Summer is coming

Where is your ‘Happy’ summer place?


Origami Owl Custom Jewelry®

Everyone has one. Mine is different meow then it was when I was a teen or even 30 something. My ‘Happy’ Summer place is listening to music while chillin’ out in the shade with my husband and/or kids (when they are with me in the summer) Even though we are in the shade, still need shades on!! 

Where is your ‘Happy’ Summer place?

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~
meow = now 

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Let me explain……Inscriptions 

This is my Living Locket with our In{script}ions 🙂 the possibilities are truly endless and I hope everyone goes to my web page and tries it out! You can actually see what it will look like as you type in what you want inscribed. 

For my Ozzie

Let me explain what each in{script}ion means:

     Poof! You’re a cheesecake– (this is on a Large Living Locket base which I have turned over) When I was growing up, my older brother (by 13 years) would be making – let’s say -a peanut butter and jelly sandwich- to eat, and I would ask ‘make me a sandwich’ and he would look at me and say ‘ poof, your a sandwich’ Meow this would work out this way for ANYTHING. I would be poofed into a glass of water or a banana or anything. So when (then soon to be my husband) me and Ozzie were getting to know each other – he tells me he makes cheesecakes for his family for Christmas. Of course I say ‘oh make me one’ and he says…..’poof you’re a cheesecake!’ I about died right then and there! I knew without a doubt that I was IN LOVE! 

      My Knight In Shinning Stallion– (this is on the large Plate inside the Living Locket) After Ozzie and I got married he was feeling very heroic one day and told me he is my ‘ knight in shining stallion’ Of course he meant to say ‘knight in shining armor’ but I love the ‘stallion’!! He is MY stallion!! 

     ‘M‘- our initial of our last name

So there you have it! The meaning behind my Living Locket. 

Origami Owl jewelry is such a fun and meaningful way to express yourself! I just love it and would love to hear from you! What would YOU inscribe?? 

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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Meow = Now

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Don’t say this 

I really am uncomfortable with public speaking and I KNOW this is one thing you shouldn’t say during your time in the spot-light. I KNOW this- but guess who did it anyway, yup


Yours truly!! 

I was invited to be part of a women’s networking group. It was so much fun and I actually learned a lot and met great people. Meow- being part of a networking group means you ARE going to be speaking to them. All of them. In front of them. I know this 🙂 I prep myself for this. It’s not that I do not know what to say – because I do – I just am fearful of the words not coming out (either properly or at all lol) 

So. It’s my turn up to introduce my self and my company – easy peasy – wrong.

‘Hello everyone, my name is Clara and I am an Independent Designer with Origami Owl. I want to thank Amber for inviting me into this group! **I am nervous to be speaking with you today’****** 

OH MY GOSH YOU DO NOT ACTUALY SAY THIS! You can think it, but not say it. 

Everyone was very nice and said I did a great job, but I feel because I said ‘ I am nervous to be speaking with you today’ *gag* it took away from my actual reason FOR being there! ITo introduce everyone to Origami Owl Custom Jewlery and how awesome the company is! 

I will continue to prep myself before my time in the spot light – and I will not actual say I am nervous ( maybe lol) 

Thanks for reading 🙂 

Happy creating,

Clara ~.~

Meow = Now 

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