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Mothers day

~Flowers die~

~Candy goes to our hips~

Affordable stylish jewelry is where it’s at! So make a card and then attach an Origami Owl piece that you CREATED and handpicked for her <3. 

And her doesn’t just have to be ‘Mom’ but anyone who has made an impact in your life!! 

Click on the photo to go to the Mothers Day page


Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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What are you thinking 

Everyone has a Mom. Might be a ‘mother’ figure, if not your birth mom.  

Layers are beautiful

If you are going to buy something for your ‘Mom’, browse through This look book and if you see something you like shop here –>
Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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FREE gift with purchase

Get something for you, and then get a free bracelet! What?!? Yup!  

Free gift with purchase-limited quantities


Think of everyone who you can gift this to

  • Mom
  • Sister
  • Aunt
  • Grandma
  • Teacher
  • Cousin
  • Girlfriend
  • Secretary 
  • The nice lady down the street
  • Yourself 😉

To take advantage of this great offer- go to my website at and enter Jewelry Bar Code 2551 at check out! That’s it! Easy. (Remember -limited quantities) 

Have fun!!

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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Gratitude Tuesday 8/26

I am grateful for my husband who tries to work and get things done even if he is feeling bad. Today is his ‘good day -(no dialysis) and he loves to work on his cars. Right now the project he is working on is his brothers 72 Duster! It has been a slow go, but the finish line is in sight so that is a great motivator!


I am grateful for my ssm (sweet sweet mother). She is always willing to do stuff in a moments notice-shopping mainly lol, and standing around at Staples while we wait for my newest project to complete-the binding of my Origami Owl fall/winter catalog- I, apparently, laminated it with the wrong type of material (it was the adhesive kind) and I broke the binder machine at Staples {I really am sorry about that but I am not the employee who knew it was adhesive laminate-I told her} I am also grateful for the employee who helped me at Staples, she was very nice. (I have since found our own binding tool and have completed my little project!)


I am grateful for this beautiful day! And dragonflies! I love dragonflies! ❤