Origami Owl = Great Jewelry!!!!

I am an Independent Designer with Origami Owl. I began May of this year and I am having so much fun! I love their product and the company mission statement-which is……. Our mission is to be a force for good; to love, inspire + motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams + empower…

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O2 aqua

Don’t you just love the colors of my Origami Owl Jewelry Bar? I am so excited to be able to do this and to share their jewelry!

Every charm helps to tell your story in your Living Locket.

Get some friends together and I can set up this fabulous, clean and bright Jewelry Bar! You’ll be my hostess, you’ll have fun AND earn free jewelry!!

Yaaaaaaa 🙂

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What is a Jewelry Bar?!?

Would you like to host a Jewelry Bar? If someone where to have asked me that question a few months ago, I would have been….what the heck is a jewelry bar? I don’t drink!!! 🙂 Let me tell you, an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar is an experience you will not forget and it’s an experience…

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Click here to see all that is available What’s in your locket? A new spin to the classic locket. Rather then hiding what’s in your locket, show it off for all to see. Stainless steel or gold glass Origami Owl Living Lockets with rhinestones-or without! The Living Locket opens up so you can add charms…

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Like it-place your order. Love it-host a party

Want it all?!?-join my team. How do you order you ask? It’s easy!!! Log onto my Origami Owl website at http://www.claralvlocket.origamiowl.com Browse through the online catalog and place your order. Pay and your selection will be shipped to your home before you know it! (about 2-4 days) Why would I order you ask? You WILL…

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I will

I will find joy in the journey!! Today I was creating Origami Owl living lockets and necklaces, taking pictures so I can post them and then I created this. This necklace speaks volumes to me! It contains the following: A silver ball station chain, an ‘I will’ empowerment tag, a pink crystal dangle, a ‘find…

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Shop online

Hello!! Our Origami Owl online Jewelry bar is now open!!  To begin creating your story please go to the following link. http://www.Lionl8ylocket.origamiowl.com/parties/ClaraMartinez338928/collections.ashx Please call me if you have any questions! 702-204-0001 Happy Creating!

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