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It won’t be like this for long

“It won’t be like this for long,” I mumble to myself as I wash another uniform. Then, as I tuck them into bed…I say it again, “It won’t be like this for long” but this time, with the house quiet, it brings me to tears. Embrace the chaos, Mama! It really won’t be like this for long and one day you’ll wish it would have been. ❤


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Animal Shelter or Dog Rescue Fundraiser

Do you know anyone who does fundraisers for an animal shelter or dog rescue? I am looking to pair with them for a fundraiser. For each dog collar locket set sold at here , $1 will go to American Humane, and $9 will go to their organization. Please have them contact me to set it up.

Animal shelter or dog rescue fundraiser

This is Gunny- one of my for babies- he is wearing his Origami Owl PAWS collar with his Living Locket and name slider. This is a medium size collar.

This is Zero- our fur baby who is no longer with us- and the memorial locket I wear everyday. This is my most treasured piece of jewelry. Miss you Zero 🐾🌈

Helping out with a fundraiser is very rewarding- so if you are starting a fundraiser or just want to help by getting a Living Locket collar for your fur baby, please message me or click here.

Thank you for reading and please share 🙂

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What happens in the month of May

May is just around the corner. Why is this important?

1. It’s my birthday month

2. Harry Potter for Origami Owl is being released

3. Mother’s Day

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live

We won’t be dreaming – and I am living 🙂 Are you?

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Spring and Moroccan jewelry

Summer vibes in the Spring?

I hope who ever likes this new Moroccan style mini collections understands that it is a limited edition collection and will order now, not later. This will sell out. It will and then I won’t be able to get it for you- and you’ll be sad and I’ll be sad. We need to be wearing this NOW!

This locket is so special- you place your dream or goal charm inside!! Keep it close to your heart

This collection is beautiful and would make ANY outfit just a bit more extra!

Happy Creating and enjoy the summer vibes,

Clara ~.~

This is what’s trending now

Think about Mother’s Day- Birthdays- Anniversaries


Art Supply Warehouse #3

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Today is day 2 waiting in line at the Art Supply Warehouse for the awesome deals but mostly….. We really really want our mom to get a goodie bag. Yesterday we were 101! She missed it by 1. She is in bed with the sniffles. It’s still the first 100 people in line and after last count we are at 76 & 77! Let’s see how accurate this is. My spot in line this morning is MUCH closer to the door then yesterday!!

Waiting in line at the Art Supply Warehouse sale

I am going to get an easel for my Origami Owl display today. I will place awesome motivational pictures on it! Excited for the sale again.

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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