Girl Scouts

Girl Scout 🍀💚🍪

a member of the Girl Scouts of America or a similar organization of girls that promotes character, outdoor activities, good citizenship, and service to others.

Origami Owl Owlette 💡✨💛

an 11-17 year old entrepreneur who is a member of the Origami Owl family that promotes being a force for good thru loving, motivating and inspiring others to reach their dreams and empowering them to make a difference in the lives of others.

Some would say that both of these organizations are working towards the same common goal: empowering our youth! We happen to agree!

The Origami Owl Owlettes love supporting the Girl Scouts as a group of young people making a difference in the world!


-the nest

Girl Scouts - building the future. Get your young adult into something that will change their lives- you won’t regret it become an Owlette Team today

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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Harry Potter Collectors

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There are more of you then I realize. Harry Potter is super popular. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books are the best selling books ever.

I’ll be honest, I am a Harry Potter fan: I have read all the books- I have all 7 in hard back and soft back, I have watched all 8 movies multiple times. I do love the story and the magic of it all but would not get, let’s say, a tattoo (I do have a tattoo- on my ankle of two pumpkins to represent my kids). I would- and will- and do, wear Harry Potter jewelry.

If you are a collector of Harry Potter, anything Harry Potter, then you are invited to check out the Harry Potter for Origami Owl collection. You can see it all here.

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What is available now to you if you don’t want to join Origami Owl is in this flyer. Keep in mind the ‘house’ plates will be available in a few days. Also keep in mind that Origami Owl will be releasing more exclusive pieces throughout the year.

Harry Potter for Origami Owl current flyer

Harry Potter for Origami Owl flyer ^ ^ ^

If you love Harry Potter, this collection is for you! If you know someone who loves Harry Potter, this collection is for you.

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is the only place where you will find this collection.

Below are some pictures of the collection pieces together.

Harry Potter jewelry Harry Potter jewelry http://www.claralvlocket.origamiowl.comHarry Potter jewelry

If you love Harry Potter I hope you get in on these exclusive pieces.

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

You can see everything Origami Owl here. It’s pretty awesome.


Happy April

So many things have happen in March- I am looking forward to a slower April in regards to my personal life.

My husband went into the hospital for pneumonia for 4 days and going to dialysis 3 times a week (this is manageable for me- my normal- his normal). My mom is currently in the hospital to treat a major infection that is damaging her heart. I am still recovering from my thyroid surgery- even though this happen late February. My sister has CANCER -Hodgkins Lymphoma- chemo will begin this month. My brother in law is in the hospital for possible kidney damage due to diabetes. My cat has hurt his back leg.

I really think I am ready for a slower April. An April with lots of healing. An April that all my loved ones are healing and healthy. Me included.

One cannot rest in the hospital and one cannot rest at home while someone they love is in the hospital (or in the bed next to you if they are ill- or in the next room- or on the other side of the country) but you do get a bit more rest when at home.

I have not set up my Origami Owl display at any events for the past 3 weekends. I have canceled coffee dates with friends. I want to hang out and be fun and happy – just can’t find it in me right now.

I have a small team of designers who I want to see succeed and I am sending them messages and positive training but I know it’s not the same as being ‘present’. My Origami Owl business has suffered and I am not THAT disappointed because I know I will get back into it when the time is right- I still share the newest products and will continue to do so- just not so much as I have been doing. My family comes first and Origami Owl will be here for me.

This little blurb of a blog has helped me a bit, this is the first of its kind – just putting stuff on the screen for all to read but also getting out of my soul.

Thank you for reading.

As always-

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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Does your ‘tween need something to do?

Origami Owl was founded by a 14-year-old who had a dream of purchasing a Jeep. When babysitting just wasn’t helping her earn enough, fast enough, she started this business with her mom, Chrissy. Since it began five years ago, this company has offered the Owlette Program to help other young teens make their dreams a reality. So, if you know a young teen who has a dream or maybe wants to grow their confidence, now is the time to share this. And at less than $60, I can’t imagine a better time to introduce them to this program.

Let me know if you have any questions about this. It’s a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with your kid and teach them about life.

I love that Origami Owl is sharing this opportunity.

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

To learn more message me or click here.

To learn more about Origami Owl, Bella and Chrissy click here.


12 Days of GIFTING with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry

12 Days of gifting, 12 Days of Christmas, the perfect gift at a great price

YESSSS! Free shipping on standard orders has been extended for December! Save more when you gift more this holiday season and keep this in mind as you shop.

I’ll be posting daily! What do you hope is in the 12 Days of gifting? Ahhh so exciting! See you tomorrow!

Happy Creating,

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My Why

This man right here is my main why. Why I became an Independent Designer with Origami Owl. I can make my own schedule so I can take care of my husband. He has ESRD and is in dialysis 3 time a week. He is my world.

Origami Owl has let me take care of my family with their commission plan: I have been able to buy groceries, buy movie tickets, pay bills, buy birthday gifts, buy Christmas gifts, buy gasoline and car parts.

Origami Owl has let me help others create meaningful gifts for their loved ones. It has let me help others create their story to wear as stylish jewelry.

Origami Owl has let me help others by sharing the opportunity to become a designer so they may help their family.

I have met some amazing people who have become wonderful friends. People I would not have met if not for Origami Owl.

I have helped people with fundraisers for funerals, with helping them raise money for school programs. Through Origami Owl I have helped raise money for relief efforts during natural disasters and for national programs. I have been a force for good. I have helped others be a force for good.

I am an Independent Designer because I have the freedom to work when I want, how often I want and where.

This is my why.

Click here to see if Origami Owl is something you would like to do as well

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~






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I want to invite you

I want to invite you to experience Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. You can browse my shopping site or even join- I just want to share the Origami Owl love!

I have been an Independent Designer since May 2014. I am absolutely in love with this company, their mission statement and the jewelry. I have shared the Origami Owl love with many and have started my own small team. Even though I am in this part time- I try to motivate my team- to find out what their goals are and help them hit them!

I am in love with hearing people's stories as they are looking at the charms and remembering people or places or experiences.

Origami Owl is my personal time, it's me time 🙂 I set up my display at car shows or fairs, participate in fundraising and set up for in home parties that Origami Owl calls Jewelry Bars- because you can pick and choose like a sushi bar. You can make it whatever you want for you.

Free shipping on all starter kits till the end of the week

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is not just jewelry. It's something bigger. It's hope.

Happy Creating,
Clara ~.~

To browse and look into joining- please click here. Thank you for reading 🙂 and please- feel free to share with others