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Let’s have a fundraiser!

Are you looking for a good way to make some money for your organization? Your child’s sports team? Your favorite charity? Look no further! Lets connect and I can help you! Below are a few of the specials Origami Owl has going on right now, but when I do a fundraiser everything on my site is available!

Baseball, football, cheer, teachers, team moms, coaches- Let’s connect and get you started!


Happy fundraising,

Clara ~.~

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We got YOUR team

You are a loyal fan ~ I know you are! The Officially Licensed MLB™ Charms ARE here!  Origami Owl Custom Jewelry® just got a little cooler ~ but honestly they always have been.        

Show off your love of ‘The Game’! 

Don’t worry guys- we have leather cords and Living Lockets® that aren’t so ‘blingy’ so come on in to http://www.claralvlocket.origamiowl.com and check it then out! 

Team Moms ~ doesn’t this just make your eyes water? Oh what I could have made when I was TEAM MOM for my sons little league! Go Angels!! …..{whispering~}….think of the great fundraiser this will be!!! Can you just imagine it!!!!! 

So they ARE HERE and ready for you to create the perfect Living Locket®!! 

Contact me here or on Facebook –http://facebook.com/claralvlocket.origamiowl

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~