Looking for something to do?

I was looking for something to do. I needed something to do for myself. Something that I loved to spend my time doing. 4 years ago I found it! I became an Independent Designer with Origami Owl.

I am having so much fun with Origami Owl. The charms are what I first fell in love with. They are sooooo teeny tiny and cute.

They are really well made and there are so many to choose from. They are a collectors dream. Each holiday and each change of season you have so many charms to to choose from.

Being an Independent Designer lets me met new people at events or on line or in my neighborhood. I have met so many wonderful people- many of which have become great friends.

I get to talk to so many people and hear their stories as they build their Living Locket. As they go through all the charms and choose which they will place inside their locket to tell their story or as they are creating the perfect gift for a family member or friend.

If you’re looking for something to do, something to be a part of, something to spend your time on- check out Origami Owl.

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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Start your business for $19

Working another job? Chasing kids? Living at the ball field? If busy is {your} life...then I'd love to help you simplify - you CAN do this business, help others create and share their stories, and make money - it's all at the tip of your fingers. It really is that easy! So, if a mobile app with hundreds of styled images and resources, a few catalogs, and your own website for $19 sounds good to you, let's talk!Looking for something to do?

You can start your own business for $19.

You can get Origami Owl jewelry at a discount.

You can play with teeny tiny charms.

You can help your tween with life & business skills with the ‘Owlette Program’

You can have fun with your friends.

You can make a little – or a lot of money.

You can be part of something bigger.

You can help raise money for your fav charity.

You can choose when and how you want to work. Part-Time, Full-Time, as a hobbiest, or personal shopper.

You help people create jewelry that has deep meaning to them that they will cherish.

It’s $19 (plus tax) to become an Independent Designer beginning August 1st 2018 -August 15th 2018

It all starts with you 🙂 There are plenty of ways to work this business. Being an Independent Designer for the past 4 years has been really fun and rewarding because I CAN do it MY way. Part time as a hobbiest 😉

Have questions? Message me. If you would like to jump on in with this opportunity, you can go directly to my website ->

You can find me on Facebook at

You can email me

You can shot me a message here 🙂

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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It feels good to be able to share the Origami Owl love! It’s also pretty darn tiring!! Loading up the car, unloading the car, setting up the booth, greeting everyone and the non stop speaking, packing everything up, loading the car, unloading the car.

BUT I wouldn’t change it! I feels so good and it truly is so much fun.

I get to play with the set up! Making new looks is really fun to do!

I get to hear people’s stories. I get to see people get excited about seeing a charm that means so much to them! A pineapple charm almost made a woman cry today because pineapples represent her mom who she misses so very much. Another is a collector of hearts. She choose all the heart charms I had in my inventory and was giggling away as she told me about all of her other hearts she has- from jewelry to clothes to nick knacks in her house.

And don’t get me started on the Harry Potter collection! I had 4 people come up and just about explode with happiness when they saw the collection in person.

Even though Origami Owl has been around for 5 years as a direct selling company- there are so many people who have never heard of it or seen it in person.

Being an Independent Designer with Origami Owl is such a great experience and I think it’s magical. I am proud to be part of such an amazing company. 4 years as an Independent Designer and still love it so very much. It’s WAY more then just jewelry.

Thanks for reading!!

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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Origami Owl

So…… I EARNED A RANK ADVANCE!! It happen yesterday, the last day of February! I have an awesome team of designers and I couldn’t have done it without them! We each have goals and milestones to reach in order to be promoted- and we all knocked it out of the park!

When you join Origami Owl you start as a designer- an Independent Designer to be exact. You work your new business the way you want: part time, full time, but product just for you at a discount- however you want.

Sharing the Origami Owl opportunity is something I love to do. I am not getting rich! I am making a few dollars here and there to take my family to dinner or buy movie tickets- it’s how I want to work my business right now. It’s fantastic.

Sharing Origami Owl lets me make people happy! They can be a customer and create a personalized piece of jewelry as a keepsake that someone will treasure always or they can become an Independent Designer and work their business and make a little money (or a lot!)

Origami Owl has awesome training in place that I share with my team. I try to be there for them with answers to their questions and showing them the training.

I am proud of my team and myself!

I wanted to share with you all- thank you for reading!

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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P.S. Harry Potter for Origami Owl is coming in a few months! Who is excited!!! #harrypotter #harrypotterfororigamiowl


Harry Potter

Harry Potter for Origami Owl

Eeeek! This beloved book series is turning 20 YEARS OLD this year and Origami Owl is celebrating by introducing a new Harry Potter for Origami Owl collection coming soon! Can you believe that?! Where are my Harry Potter fans?? This collection’s tentative release date is May 2018!

What do you hope will be in the collection? Let me know

Happy Creating,



Happy Valentine’s Day

We celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday. My Ozzie has dialysis today and he wanted to be awake to enjoy me, so yesterday he made breakfast- we drive around and hung out and then I made dinner (tacos for Taco Tuesday)

Tomorrow we will hit up the stores for 50% candies lol!!

Today we nap 💤!!

Enjoy your day ❤️

& always-

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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Have you heard the news?

Harry Potter for Origami Owl!

Harry Potter for Origami Owl

I am personally wishing for the following charms:

  • Broom
  • Wand
  • Sorting Hat
  • Hogwarts Castle
  • Hogwarts Houses
  • Snitch
  • Patronuses
  • Castle

Also a new locket and dangles and stardust!

I am so very excited about this new collection.

What do YOU think will be in the Harry Potter for Origami Owl Collection? It will be available sometime this spring!!!!

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~


❤️❤️ Valentine’s Day ❤️❤️

Yes I said Valentine’s Day. It’s the same day every year. February 14th.

Here are some examples of what will be available tomorrow 🙂

Limited Edition Valentines Day Collection from Origami Owl Limited Edition Valentines Day Collection from Origami Owl Limited Edition Valentines Day Collection from Origami Owl Limited Edition Valentines Day Collection from Origami Owl Limited edition Valentines Day Collection from Origami Owl Limited Edition Valentines Day Collection from Origami Owl Limited Edition Valentines Day Collection from Origami Owl Limited Edition Valentines Day Collection from Origami Owl Limited Edition Valentines Day Collection from Origami Owl

I love being able to share the Origami Owl love. It’s really magic to me- the feelings that happen when someone gets a Living Locket filled with charms that represent something or someone special.

Please share this with everyone you know who has someone they love so they can get all feelings too!

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

Please- comment below your favorite piece. Thank you for being here


After Christmas sale

Ready to complete your Living Locket or gift to someone else? I’m so excited to share this limited-time sale-bration (haha) happening on my website December 26 – January 2. Grab that holiday money and remember all your loved ones who have birthdays coming up.

I hope you find great treasures!

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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What is green Monday?

What is Green Monday

Green Monday is an online retail industry term similar to Cyber Monday. The term was coined by in 2007 to describe the best sales day in December, usually the second Monday of December.  from -Wikipedia

And if you are thinking of gifting jewelry this year this is the perfect time to shop on line with me!! We are offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $50 today!!

Free shipping on all orders of $50 today only

Today- if you purchase a twist locket you can get another face for $10! That means you have two looks! If you want to change the color of your face you can!

DYI Jewelry

Origami Owl Custom Jewelry is stylish jewelry that you customize with cute little charms that go inside lockets that can be worn on a chain or bracelet or keychain. We even have rings and watches and a stick it locket to stick on your phone!

Place your charms inside this locket ring

Stick this locket onto any flat surface and take your story with you

I hope you are having a great ‘Green Monday’ and getting the great deals that are out there!

If you are on Facebook- come hang out with me

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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