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A few days left- actually harder then I thought 

#socialiterocktober Day 27 #Framed I will forever be framed with my son. Almost 26 years ago this #amazing #charcoalart became my favorite piece of #artwork It is from a #photo that was taken of me and #my son just 3 days after he was born. It is one of my #cherished possessions. #artistworkedfordisney #aaron #claralvlocket #challengeaccepted #myson 

Clara ~.~

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hammer hammer hammer hammer

Ok….so I am in the restroom at home and I hear one of the neighbors hammering out side (behind our house). Hammering, hammering, hammer hammer hammer….. And then….I hear ‘Waaaaho’ THUNK…’damn’……I was getting ready to call out the window ‘Do you need help?’ But then……..Hammering, hammer hammer. 

They are ok 🙂 

Clara ~.~

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September Promo’s ;)

Origami Owl has A LOT happening in Sept! 

  • FREE items w/purchase 9/1-9/30
  • Collegiate charms
  • Greek letter charms

They continue with:

  • Hostess exclusive – Jewelry Box
  • The limited edition FALL charms
  • The new Key Chain/Bag Clip
  • The new WATCH base (timepiece)
  • The new Dangle Holder 
  • The new BREAK AWAY landyard clip

I am sooo excited to share Everything with you! Thanks for reading! 

If you click on the pictures you should be directed to my web site where you will see everything 🙂 


FREE gift w/purchase



Collegiate and Greek charms
Hostess Exclusive
Limited Edition Fall Charms

Charms, Watch, Keychain/Clip, Dangle Collector
Breakaway Landyard
Take advantage of the FREE gift with purchase- it will allow for MORE choices and versatility! You get TWO faces (1 black enamel and 1 white enamel) and silver chain! 

Meow that’s Awesome!! 
Happy creating,

Clara ~.~
Meow = Now 


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#o2convention2015 a

Lunch at the Crackle Barrell in West Virginia with Casey & Elizabeth & Flat Olive ❤️

Mmmmmmm wonder what’s on the menu?? 

Homemade biscuits!!!!! 

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~

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Day 2 of my trip. I’ll try to keep my entries short as there will be many! But I AM SOOO EXCITED! 

Here is a picture of me and my sister CaseyLee (my real sister owl 😀) with our ‘Flat Olive’ 

We will be making our way to Chicago for Origami Owl’s HAPPY Convention very soon! I am away from my Ozzie and ssm and my son and fur babies but I will come back recharged and ready to rock my business! 

I really miss my husband, my Ozzie, so this will be the last time I am away for any length of time. Xoxo love you my baby!! 

I wish my whole ‘team ‘ could come to this years Convention but it is just not in the cards this year, so next year everyone!! Start saving meow! 

The tools they will teach us will be awesome, connecting with other designers will be awesome, of course the Fall Product reveal will be awesome AND …… Everybody gets one!!!!!! will be awesome too!! – it’s so great being part of an amazing company. The incentives are awesome! 

Maybe next year YOU will be on my team and be able to join me!! Eeeek! 

Happy Creating,

Clara ~.~